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The record label Chillmi and UN Women Sweden have joined forces and created the initiative “Play Your Part For Ukraine”, as a response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

As we witness the tragedies in Ukraine, it's obvious that it is urgent and that we must act fast. That's why Chillmi has decided to donate its entire income for one week (March 7th- March 13th)  to UN Women, and we ask you to help in any way you can.

If you are unable to make a donation, please share this fundraiser or listen to our playlist as this generates more money, which will go directly to UN Women and their work in Ukraine.* You can also buy a Play Your Part For Ukraine Gift Card and give it to someone special.

*All of Chillmi’s income is from the streaming of their music. The more streams they get this week, the more money will go directly to UN Women Sweden. Chillmi will not take any of the money made this week.

UN Women stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Families, including many children, have been forced to leave everything they know behind to find safety and desperately need medical treatment, food, water and shelter. Your help is important, please donate today!

"We would like to thank Chillmi for their amazing initiative and a special thank you to everyone that makes a donation, every contribution counts and makes a difference." - UN Women Sweden

Foto: Sebastian Backhaus/Agentur Focus/ Redux

How you can help

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